Finally, after a week of disgraceful buck-shifting, the real story behind the Parkland massacre is starting to come out.

Here, excerpted from Charles Rabin, Carli Teproff, Nicholas Nehamas and David Ovall’s article in the Miami Herald, is a genuinely disheartening taste of that true story:

Eight days after mass shooter Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 people inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Broward’s top cop on Thursday revealed a stunning series of failures by the sheriff’s department.

A school campus cop heard the gunfire, rushed to the building but never went inside — instead waiting outside for another four agonizing minutes as Cruz continued the slaughter.

And long before Cruz embarked on the worst school shooting in Florida history, Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies had multiple warnings that the 19-year-old was a violent threat and a potential school shooter, according to records released Thursday.

In November, a tipster called BSO to say Cruz “could be a school shooter in the making” but deputies did not write up a report on that warning. It came just weeks after a relative called urging BSO to seize his weapons. Two years ago, according to a newly released timeline of interactions with Cruz’s family, a deputy investigated a report that Cruz “planned to shoot up the school” — intelligence that was forwarded to the school’s resource officer, with no apparent result.

The school’s resource officer, Scot Peterson, 54, was suspended without pay then immediately resigned and retired. Two other deputies have been placed on restricted duty while Internal Affairs investigates how they handled the two shooter warnings.

The admissions, made by Broward Sheriff Scott Israel at a press conference on Thursday evening, added to the growing list of missed signs in the years before Cruz went on a rampage that has horrified the nation and reignited the debate on gun control. The FBI, in an earlier and equally astonishing admission, said last week that the agency failed to act on a tip in January that Cruz was a possible violent threat.

“I’m completely disgusted,” said Broward County Commissioner Michael Udine, a former mayor of Parkland whose daughter attends Stoneman Douglas. “There is nobody in authority talking to each other and every organization that had a chance to stop this completely failed our children from top to bottom.”

But…but…I thought the massacre took place because of the NRA and President Trump.  Isn’t that what CNN, MSNBC and much of mainstream media have been pushing for the past week?

Now it comes out that the real story is that every relevant individual and or organization which should have done something to stop this from happening, looked the other way, time after time after time, as nikolas cruz did everything but wear a sandwich-board sign saying “I am going to shoot and kill people”.

And, even here the full story is not told.

Three days ago I wrote about the “Broward County Solution” –  a  policy implemented by the school system, which decided to treat 12 different offenses which would get someone arrested outside of Parkland High School, as nothing but school related incidents.  Without that decision, which gave a free legal pass to students commiting crimes on school property, nikolas cruz might have been arrested and stopped long before his murder spree.

And what about Florida law?  How could someone who generated 39 calls to his home over a 7 year period – some overtly violence-involved  – and was expelled from school for violent behavior, been allowed to legally own any gun, let alone an AR 15?  How nuts is that?

Was it Florida law?  Was it the gun store (which immediately closed after the massacre took place) ignoring existing Florida law? Was it both?

Now:  with the above in mind, does anyone in his/her right mind think that attacking the NRA or dumping on President Trump has even one scintilla of relevance to what happened in Parkland?

My advice to the people sincerely interested in minimizing the prospects for more Parklands in the future:

-GET REAL, and talk about what schools can do to become more safe.

-DO NOT barf out left wing talking points and think you are addressing this issue.  You aren’t.

-DO NOT pretend serially violent students should only be expelled and not reported to authorities.

-DO have a significant security plan in place when people – students or non-students – enter the school.

-DO have a means of immediately engaging a lunatic who comes into the school intending to kill – whether it is utilizing former military personnel, training school personnel in firearm use with a weapon, locked up safely but easily available, to stop a mass murderer in his/her tracks.  And other such possible avenues.

If you want to protect your children, that’s what you do.  If you want to scream slogans, attend phony “town hall” meetings,  and march against whoever the organized left instructs you to, your priorities are obviously elsewhere.


  • Ken it seems this school did one of the things you suggest. Unfortunately the guy they hired was a chicken.

    From the 2nd paragraph
    A school campus cop heard the gunfire, rushed to the building but never went inside — instead waiting outside for another four agonizing minutes as Cruz continued the slaughter.

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