To the doctors, the nurses, the EMT people, the ambulance drivers, the suppliers, the maintenance workers, the food service people, and everyone else who, in the course of their work necessarily come in contact with COVID-19 sufferers and people exposed to them every day…




You are the real heroes.  No words can express how valuable you are and how much you should be appreciated.

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  • Amen Sir. May God grant them all, health and immunity from Covid-19 as they forge onward to defeat this disease around our Country. Americans in action. That’s the good news.

    Now have we been tricked again, by the House Leaders Majority Mad-am Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Kevin McCarthy? Just a couple questions. How is a Voice Vote invoked and what is House Rule XX?

    Check out the 45 minute video; Economic Relief Bill Enrollment Ceremony, · 1 day ago 2020mar27

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