Scott Johnson of has written a genuinely worthwhile piece, in which he talks about Steele dossier, offering a take on it that is both common sensical and based on his personal experiences within the gray area of Russian disinformation.

Do yourself a favor and click here to read it all.  In the meantime, here is the first and last paragraph:

I have thought from the moment I read the Steele/Trump dossier produced in the service of the Clinton presidential campaign that, assuming it is what it purports to be, it is highly likely to constitute Russian disinformation. Today the Wall Street Journal turns to retired CIA station chief Daniel Hoffman who served in the former Soviet Union for his opinion. Hoffman makes the case that “The Steele dossier fits the Kremlin playbook” (behind the Journal’s paywall). Hoffman distinguishes between “a partisan ploy” and “a Russian espionage disinformation plan,” but in this case they seem to overlap.

Hoffman does not even take up Steele’s disclaimer regarding the substance of the dossier memos in the British defamation lawsuit or Glenn Simpson’s ludicrous tributes to Simpson’s divine power to intuit the bona fides of his informants. Hoffman does not take up the efforts of Steele and Simpson to place the dossier in the hands of the FBI and disseminate it via the Democrats’ media adjunct. It is hard to believe that the Clinton campaign was an unwitting tool of Putin and the Russians. When Clinton’s interests coincided with Putin’s, Hillary Clinton hesitated not for a second to proceed with his handiwork, if that is what it is.

Are you interested in reading the rest?  I assume the answer is “yes”.

And are you appalled that mainstream media are still shaming and defaming themselves by burying this real collusion, while continuing their seemingly endless “troubling new information” series of insinuations about the Trump campaign that are neither troubling nor new ?

I’m hopeful the answer to that is another “yes”.  Because it should be.

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  • The Russian Collusion-Delusion is 100% accurate. Without Question.

    Why else do you think that the Hillary-Bill Foundation got $145 MILLION from Comrade Putin ?

    20% of the US Uranium supply.
    $500,000 to Bill for a 20 minute talk.

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