The following tweet was posted yesterday by Karen Attiah, the Washington Post’s “Global Opinions Editor”:

White women are lucky that “we” (I’m not sure if that “we” refers to all Black people or, more narrowly, all Black women) just stereotype them as “Karens” instead of going after them in some way (physically?)

This thick slice of hatred stereotypes both the “we” people (not all Blacks feel the way Karen Attiah does) and White women.

If a White Washington Post staffer stereotyped all White people and threatened all Black women this way, I have no doubt whatsoever that she would already have lost her job.  And maybe, at some point in the near future, the Washington Post will be shamed into removing Karen Attiah (how ironic, that first name is) from her position as well.

But not yet.  As of now she’s still employed.

And The Post rails about racism?  I’m surprised the people over there even know how to spell the word.

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