Today, we have a pair of quotes, brought to us in Mark Finkelstein’s article for

Here They are:

NBC reporter Keir Simmons said:

“I’ve got to say, watching this, many Democrats should be scared to death because what you saw here was a populist leader taking those left — people who have been committed to the left for decades, and bringing them on board with him and now will be able to push through Brexit.”

And Joe Scarborough then approvingly cited Andrew Sullivan, who tweeted: 

“One lesson from UK: if Democrats don’t stop hard-left slide, they’ll suffer same fate as Labour. If they don’t move off their support for mass immigration, they’re toast. Ditto the wokeness. Left Twitter is not reality.” 

Keir Simmons and Joe Scarborough win Quotes Of The Day honors for providing a much- needed breath of political fresh air to MSNBC viewers, by giving them a taste of objective reality, rather (and I don’t mean Dan Rather) than more of the nonstop barrage of hate-Trump the network ongoingly infuses them with.

Who knows?  Maybe it will stimulate some of them to seek out more of the same.

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