Today’s quotes come to us from Jim Acosta, CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent.

Yesterday, speaking to Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert, Acosta asked:

“… when you see three category 4 hurricanes all on the same map at the same time, does the thought occur to you that, geez, you know, maybe there is something to this climate change thing and its connection to powerful hurricanes or do you just separate the two and say boy, these are a lot of hurricanes coming our way?”

And then, to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Acosta asked:

“In just a matter of weeks, two major storms that have been categorized as once in 500 years or even longer, major events, have hit the United States. In light of that, has the President given any thought to reviewing his decision to leave the Paris climate accords?”

Mr. Bossert and Ms. Sanders were both nice enough not to remind Mr. Acosta that, despite predictions of climate change-induced major hurricanes every year, this the first time in OVER A DECADE that a major hurricane (category 3 or higher) has hit the United States.  Our last one was Hurricane Wilma in October, 2005, and that barely touched us.

In fact, this was the longest period between major hurricanes since records have been kept.

And since, on average, the United States gets a major hurricane every three years, that means we skipped three of them between Wilma and Harvey/Irma.

So, in answer to Mr. Acosta’s questions, Mr. Bossert and Ms. Sanders could have responded “did the fact that there were no major hurricanes for 12 years prove there’s no such thing as climate change?”  In other words, they could have been just as ridiculous as Acosta was, by taking an anecdotal fact and trying to make some overriding truth out of it.

But they didn’t.  That was the sole province of Mr. Acosta.

Jim Acosta, therefore, wins Quotes Of The Day “honors” for doing what he seems to do best:  making a jackass of himself.

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  • mr. berwitz – you correctly gave this award to someone who certainly deserves it. acosta is one of the more rude & obnoxious talking heads on the cnn bench. proves what a fool he is everytime the mouth opens.

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