Today’s quote comes to us from  Robert Francis “beto” O’Rourke – former shooting star and current falling star – maybe fallen star is more accurate – of the Democrat party presidential sweepstakes.

When you used to be on top but have fallen to the bottom, you might get pretty desperate.

And here, in desperation, is what Mr. O’Rourke told a group of immigrants in Tennessee on Monday:

“This country was founded on white supremacy. And every single institution and structure that we have in the country still reflects the legacy of slavery and segregation and Jim Crow and suppression even in our democracy”.

 Yep, that’s the ticket. Condemn and villify the country you’re running to become President of, to a group of people who proactively came here from another country, presumably because they thought it was better than where they came from.

Can this man possibly be as dumb, and as scornful, as he would have to be to say this? Apparently the answer is yes.

Hey here’s an idea, beto: how about handing over a few of the million dollars your wealthy wife shares with you, and demanding that your immensely wealthy father-in-law (estimates are in the half-billion range) turn over all or most of this money in an effort to cleanse himself of the White supremacy that enabled him to accumulate it?

I’ll wait for an answer, but I’m not confident it will be in the affirmative.

n the meanwhile, I award Robert Francis O’Rourke Quote Of The Day “honors”, for demonstrating, again, that he is not presidential material, but probably could win a “Desperate Dork” contest almost anywhere in the country.

And, believe me, he would not be winning it because of White privilege; it would be very, very well earned.

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