Today’s quote comes from a particularly distasteful source – but one with views (e.g. identity politics, anti-Israel/anti-semitic) that are ascendant within the Democrat Party:  Rep. rashida tlaib (D-MI)

Last month, when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi finally was embarrassed into admitting there was a border crisis and allowing a house vote on $4.5 billion dollars for humanitarian aid (only after President Trump pointed out that  the conditions at holding centers were because Democrats refused to fund them) tlaib was one of four Democrats who voted against the funding.

Pelosi, who is getting tired of having her authority challenged by a group of young, inexperienced hard-leftists, criticized the four congresspeople who voted against this measure in a New York Times interview.

And what did rashida tlaib have to say about Ms. Pelosi’s criticism?

“We know what it feels like to be dehumanized, we know what it feels like to be brown and black in this country.
“I honor the fact that we are there … all of us have these experiences that I think have been missing in the halls of Congress. Honor that, respect that, put us at the table. Let’s come up with a solution together.” 

Translation:  The four who voted against this bill are non-White, and therefore oppressed, and that gives us understanding of how “brown and black” people in this country feel that you don’t have.  (Never mind the fact that every other non-White Democrat voted with Ms. Pelosi – they don’t count.  We know more than they do).  And since our experiences have been missing in the halls of congress (none of the other non-White members of congress know about this, only us) should be honored and respected.  Put us at the table (we want status on the basis of our color) so that we can provide the “brown and black” perspective that was missing until we showed up.

rashida tlaib is a race-obsessed anti-Semite – very much in keeping with her hero louis farrakhan.  And, sad to say, identity politics and anti-Semitism – usually in the form of Israel hatred, which provides a rationale for that hatred (i.e. “I’m not anti-Semitic, I’m just anti-Israel…wink, wink”) – are both increasingly prominent among congressional Democrats.  She is also the one who showed her love for the United States at her victory party by wrapping herself not in an American flag, but in a “Palestinian” flag.

I award rashid tlaib Quote Of The Day “honors” for again showing us her true colors (and I’m not talking about skin color)….and again exposing what we can only hope is not the future of the Democrat Party.


  • They also voted against the house bill that they were so upset with Pelosi about. Who knows what they want other than attention.

  • put us at the table

    Reading that reminded me of one of the main reasons i moved my call center to another country.
    It seems the younger generation don’t want to put in the time, they want to be “owners” not workers. I put in 20 years of work and then I had to buy my % of the business, they worked for about 3 years and wanted it handed to them. Sad.

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