Today’s quote comes to us from Mark Levin, a best-selling author, successful TV show host, and a political conservative who has no patience for the overt bias of what passes for our maintream media.

The latest object of Mr. Levin’s opprobrium is media’s excrement-hemorrhage over President Trump’s comment that if a foreign source offerred information on an opponent he would listen to it instead of calling the FBI – which has generated outraged cries from the same people who have no problem with Hillary Clinton purchasing such information from a foreign source and, then, deep state operatives using it to get a FISA warrant and conduct the mueller “investigation”.

In Mr. Levin’s words:

“Have you ever seen a dumber media in your life? I mean truly, a dumber media?

“How would the president even know to turn something over to the FBI unless he accepted it and then read it? Accepted it and listened to it … and that is basically what he said.”

“But for the praetorian guard media that protects the left, that protects big government, big centralized government, the American people can’t stand you and I’m going to tell you why. You are destroying freedom of the press. You make a mockery of yourselves. Every time Donald Trump says something, you say it’s the end of the world. We’ve never seen anything like it.” 

Angry words?  Yes, obviously.

Inaccurate or unfair words?  You’d have to show me where.

And let’s understand that Mark Levin is not some Trump toady.  He has had no problem strongly criticizing the president in the past.  But, whatever his differences with Mr. Trump they are dwarfed by his disgust with our current version of mainstream “journalism”.

I award Mark Levin Quote Of The Day honors for saying it straight, saying it plain and not holding back.

Too bad most of the people within those bubbles he talks about will never pop out and hear it.

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