Today’s quote comes to us from J. B. Pritzker, the Governor of Illinois. It is about the state’s new abortion law, which Mr. Pritzker proudly signed yesterday.

Says Pritzker:

“Today we proudly proclaim that in this state, we trust women,  And in Illinois, we guarantee as a fundamental right a woman’s right to choose.”

FYI:  the “choosing” Pritzker refers to (interesting how they never finish that sentence) is that, under Illinois’ new law, a woman can terminate her pregnancy right up to the moment of birth.

The problem?  At that point, and well before it, “a woman’s right to choose” actually means “a woman’s right to choose to kill her live child, the one she could have aborted earlier, but proactively allowed to develop into the live child she is killing”.

Calling the legalization of infanticide a “woman’s choice”, as if it were a principled declaration of personal freedom and the live child involved is nonexistent, does not change these facts. Not even one millionth of one percent.

From Caleb Parke’s article at

The bill, effectively immediately, repeals a 1975 Illinois abortion law. It eliminates spousal consent, waiting periods, criminal penalties for abortion providers and restrictions on abortion facilities, such as licensing requirements and health and safety inspections. It also repealed the state’s Partial-birth Abortion Ban Act and establishes “that a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights under the law, of this State.”

In other words, no problem with killing your late-term, even late 9th month, child.  No problem where you go to do it because there is no longer an issue regarding whether the facility is licensed or even sanitary.  And no problem if the biological father objects either.  If you want to kill your live, 100% viable baby?  Just call it a “fetus” and you’re good to abort.  Have a ball.

Somewhere in hell, josef mengele is smiling broadly.

I award J. B. Pritzker Quote Of The Day dishonors for giving mengele the reason to do so…with dishonorable mentions to the overwhelmingly Democrat-majority state senate for sending this license to kill, in the guise of “social justice” legislation, to his desk.

UPDATE:  This has been news since Wednesday.  It is now Friday.  And, according to Geoffrey Dickens’ article at, not one of the network news shows has bothered to mention it.  Not NBC, not CBS and not ABC.

What are they afraid of?  That Planned Parenthood would complain that they told the public about this legislation?

When do they become actual journalists again?  When do they stop being kiss-asses for the politically correct crowd?


  • Our Porcelain (Democrat) Governor is a disgrace to Illinois and citizens who are Americans and Christian; a double wammie in the current Prairie State culture. He is another Chicago transplant taking our State into socialism and freeloader subsidies. Murdering unborn children is no problem for someone who is proud to be the leader in Abortion democracy.

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