Today’s quote – and it is truly an astonishing one -comes to us from Anna Cabrera.  It was just voiced during her show on CNN, at the end of a segment in which she interviewed New York Mayor and presidential aspirant Bill De Blasio.

So help me, Cabrera said these exact words:

“Mayor Bill De Blasio. I really appreciate your coming on and allowing us to help get your message out.  Thank you.”

I swear, I have not altered or paraphrased her words in any way. Ms. Cabrera literally thanked De Blasio for allowing her, and CNN, to help promote his candidacy along.

How nice to see CNN has not lost its fabled touch for impartiality..(feel free to wipe the sarcasm off your screen at any time).

I award Anna Cabrera Quote Of The Day honors, for making her bias for this hard-leftist so blatantly obvious that even CNN’s brain trust, such as it is, would have trouble explaining it away.

One last thought, in the form of a question:  would Cabrera say the same, or be even more effusively supportive, of similarly hard leftists like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Eric Swalwell, or some of the others in that increasingly prevalent wing of the Democrat party?

My guess is yes.

I suppose we’ll find out for sure soon enough.

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