Today’s quote comes to us from Joel Pollak, senior editor-at-large for

Mr. Pollak is – justifiably – outraged by the ongoing attempts to link President Trump to the murderous lunatic who killed dozens of people (the last count I heard was 50) in New Zealand last week.

Their “reasoning”?  The murderer was a proud White supremacist… and during the Charlottesville, Virginia riots in August, 1917, President Trump called White supremacists and nazi sympathizers “very fine people”.

The problem?  This claim is a lie.  He did no such thing.

I have personally debunked the lie by blogging what President Trump actually did say, several times – the first of them on September 1, 1917.

But, for Trump-hating media, this lie is too good to stop telling.  Besides, once you tell a lie a few times, to admit it is a lie is to admit you are a liar.  So you keep telling the lie and hope that no one will notice, that they’ll just believe you.

And now that the New Zealand horror took place, the lie is again being told.

Here, from Robert Kraychik’s article at, is how Joel Pollak has reacted:

“There is a determined effort by our media to link New Zealand to Donald Trump, and they can’t do so on any factual basis, so they’re obscuring parts of the truth and returning to a litany of complaints against Donald Trump that is by now familiar to many people,” stated Pollak. “At the top of that list — which to our media supposedly proves that Donald Trump is a racist — is the claim that he referred to neo-Nazis and white supremacists at the Charlottesville, Virginia, protests in August of 2017 as ‘very fine people, Those of you listening to this broadcast might actually believe he said that, and you can be forgiven for believing that because it has been drummed into our heads, collectively, by the mainstream media, and particularly CNN.”

“Donald Trump was not talking about those people [when he said very fine people]. In fact, Donald Trump specifically excluded those people from the people he was talking about as ‘very fine people.’ This lie has been repeated over and over again on CNN and it is a lie that intends to demonstrate to us that the president thinks white supremacists and neo-Nazis are good people., and that proves he’s a racist, proves he’s responsible for the violence in New Zealand and everywhere else. That is the purpose for which this lie is used an CNN keeps returning to it over and over again, and it’s spreading to other places.”

Mr. Pollak continues by citing the quotes I showed that debunk this lie, and others that I didn’t even see at the time (the source for my original blog, a New York Times transcript, was incomplete).

I won’t put up the specific quotes Pollak cites, in the hope that you will use the link I’ve provided to see them there, thus giving the traffic it deserves.

Joel Pollak wins Quote Of The Day honors for doing nothing other than what so many in our supposedly neutral mainstream media have steadfastly refused to do:  telling the truth instead of lying.

What a pathetic place so-called “journalism” has come to; where telling the truth, instead of being its gold standard, has become worthy of special recognition.


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  • this is why I say don’t believe the media when they tell you what Trump said, find the tape and watch/listen for yourself.
    We are in territory I don’t believe the founding fathers even considered when drafting the 1st Amendment.

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