Today’s quote comes to us from Heather Mac Donald, Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, contributing editor of City Journal, and author of The Diversity Delusion”.

Ms. Mac Donald has a problem with the increasingly-reported, increasingly-accepted premise that the United States is experiencing an upsurge in “White supremacy crime.  Here, in her own words, is why:

 “The left is so determined to try to paint America as a source of White supremacy when, in fact, there is virtually no institutional support for these handful of kooks that are insane. They are violating the very premises of Western Civilization.”

The number of reported hate crimes—and we don’t know how many of those are Jussie Smollett hoaxes—last year was identical to what it was 10 years ago when there were 25 million fewer people in the United States and many fewer reporting agencies. And if you go 10 years before that, you have 3,000 more hate crimes reported. The idea that there has been some surge in hate, much less White supremacist hate, is completely ridiculous.

Is Ms. Mac Donald correct?

Well, if she is basing this on FBI data, her numbers are a little screwy… but her overall point is well taken.

According to FBI statistics, there were:

-8,049 reports of all hate crimes in 1997,

-7,624 in 2007 and

-7,175 in 2017.

As you can see, there not only has been no upsurge in hate crimes, there has been, if there is such a word, a downsurge.

And if you look only at anti-Black hate crimes, the trend is exactly the same:

-3,120 reports of anti-Black hate crimes in 1997,

-2,658 in 2007 and

-2,013 in 2017.

The bottom line, therefore, is that Ms. Mac Donald’s claim of hate crimes dropping rather than rising over these years is spot-on correct.

I therefore award Heather Mac Donald Quote Of The Day honors for setting the record straight on this latest attempt by haters on the left to tell us what’s wrong with the United States.

Count on it to be ignored by most mainstream media.

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  • Facts mean nothing to the alt-left, they feel it is worse therefor it is worse.
    In other words they are crazy.

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