Today’s we have two quotes.

This second one comes to us from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Mr. Cuomo has a problem with teachers being armed in public schools. I thought you might be interested to see his reasoning:

“I mean, how ludicrous a concept — arm the teacher so when the bad person comes into the classroom, there can be a shootout in the classroom.

“I mean, really, ludicrous and nonsensical.”

Two questions for you, Governor Cuomo:

1. When the “bad person” – i.e. the person with the gun – comes into the classroom, what you think he/she brought the gun for?  And

2: If there’s nobody there to challenge that person, what exactly do you think he/she intends to do with that gun?

Ever hear of Sandy Hook? Parkland?

I award Quote Of The Day (dis)honors to Governor Andrew Cuomo, for doing what he seems to have a talent for;  pandering to the far left, and making a complete idiot of himself in the process.

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