Today’s quote comes from a rich source of material for this series, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

Now that it has become eminently clear jussie smollett is a lying fraud who concocted a phony racial attack to further his own purposes, this is what Waters had to say about it during a Thursday interview with Variety Magazine:

“If, in fact, it’s a hoax, of course I would be disappointed.”

Disappointed?  Maxine Waters would be disappointed to find out the claim that two White thugs wearing MAGA hats and shouting racial and homophobic epithets beat, tossed bleach on and tried to hang a Black man, was a hoax?  She’d prefer that this really happened?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is not what she meant.  I’m pretty sure this was her (typically) inarticulate way of saying she hoped it wasn’t a Black man lying about being attacked and nothing more.  But a) she said what she said, and b) for all I know she meant it exactly the way it came out.

In this connection, you might be interested in how she continued:

“I don’t think we can, at this point, make sense of it.  There are still some questions that we have, some answers that have to be given. I believed him when I heard about it. I still don’t know all of the details. I’m waiting for the final result of all of this.”

In other words, the confession of the two guys jussie smollett hired – and paid with a personal check – to fake this attack and the video of them buying the materials used for it are not enough for her to figure out that it was a hoax.

I’m hoping, for Waters’ sake, that her professed inability to figure this out is a hoax of her own.  Because, with this information at hand, an average third grader could figure it out without breaking a sweat.

In any event, I award Maxine Waters Quote Of The Day “honors” for making a fool of herself again…and, given her history, I anticipate that the next instance of her doing so will not be long coming.

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