Today’s quote comes to us from Melissa Russo, a reporter for WNBC-TV in New York.

Today, Ms. Russo provided viewers with a feature on former New York City Mayor, mega-billionaire and possible independent presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg.

After noting that sources tell her Bloomberg, whether or not he himself is a candidate, is prepared to spend at least a half billion dollars on the 2020 campaign in an effort to unseat President Trump, she informed her audience that:

“Trump spent roughly 325 million on his race in 2016.”

Since Ms. Russo stated this as a comparison to Bloomberg, the implication is clear that she is equating what Bloomberg says he will personally spend to Trump’s total.

The problem?  while it is true that President Trump spent about that amount (according to, Trump’s total was $322 million — far less than Hillary Clinton’s $563 million)…

… the amount that came out of his own pocket totaled about $66 million.

In other words, Ms. Russo reported this in a way that suggested Donald Trump’s personal stake in the election campaign was about 5 times as much as it actually was.

I would like to think this was not intentional, that it was nothing more than an inadvertently misleading statement.  But, taken along with the fawning nature of her report, and the fact that all four “people on the street” she interviewed want Trump out of office?  I have to say I’m skeptical.

In any event, Melissa Russo wins Quote Of The Day “honors” for grossly misinforming her viewers, to the detriment of a President she, along with her parent network is making it pretty clear she wishes were not in office.

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