Today’s quote comes to us from newly-elected Rep. ilhan omar (D-MN).  omar took time out from her regularly scheduled Israel-bashing to provide an insight into her understanding of economics – particularly, budget-balancing.

Here, from an interview conducted by Zainab Salbi, is one of the ways she’d accomplish it:

“There are a few things that we can do.  One of them, is that we can increase the taxes that people are paying who are the extremely wealthy in our communities. So, 70 percent, 80 percent, we’ve had it as high as 90 percent. So, that’s a place we can start.

“The one percent must pay their fair share.”

Well, there you go.  Why didn’t everyone else think of that obvious solution to our budget problems.

Take the people who make the most money – the ones who disproportionately build the biggest businesses with the most jobs – and punish the bastards.  Tax them at a 90% rate, which will be sure to disincentivize them from continuing to build businesses/hire employees – and probably convince a good many of them to establish permanent residence outside the United States, thus resulting in less taxes into our treasury, not more.

But…but…geez Loueez, why stop there?  Why not tax them at 95%.  100%?  MORE than 100% – make them pay retro-taxes for years past.  That’s sure to keep the economy booming.

Hey, if we can decide to “abort” babies who are fully developed, fully viable and out of the womb (see Virginia Governor Ralph Northam about that), why not tax the wealthy at a rate of more than 100%?

Heck, it’s about time they paid their fair share, right?

I award ilhan omar Quote Of  The Day “honors” for showing, again, what happens when you elect an unqualified ignoramus to a serious political office.

I only wish more people who do so, election after election, would take heed.

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