Today’s quote comes to us from President Trump. It was made in the form of a tweet, issued yesterday, before Republicans and Democrats met for their initial negotiations on border security.

As I am sure you know, Mr. Trump has established, as a requisite, that any final agreement must include funding for the border wall.

If sticks to his guns, that funding will come either as the result of these negotiations, or his declaration of a national emergency.

How serious is the President? Well, here is his tweet:

“If the committee of Republicans and Democrats now meeting on Border Security is not discussing or contemplating a Wall or Physical Barrier, they are Wasting their time!” 

Can we agree this establishes that he is completely serious?  I thought so.

President Trump, therefore, wins Quote Of The Day honors for making it perfectly clear that, at least to this point, he 100% means what he says about border wall funding.

With the above in mind, please be advised that, despite President Trump’s ultimatum, after a full day of negotiations, the current Democrat position is that there be no money to fund the wall.

Zero.  Not even the one dollar sarcastically offered by Nancy Pelosi earlier this month.

It seems evident that this game of chicken Democrats are playing with President Trump is predicated on the calculus that, as was the case with the month-plus shutdown, he, rather than they, will again be blamed if there are consequences.

Personally, I don’t pretend to know the future.  But I do have a sneaking suspicion that, if Democrats remain adamant on no wall funding even after very publicly being told what would happen if they did, round two of the blame game is going to play out far differently.

We’ll find out soon enough.

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  • No matter what, the media will paint it as Trump and the GOP are to blame and the Democrats just want to give everybody sunshine and unicorns.

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