Today’s quote comes to us from Maria Hinojosa, who produces, and anchors, Latino USA show on National Public Radio (NPR).

I assume that if you listen to NPR for any length of time, you are aware that it is a virtually all left wing-all the time venue.  But you would never know it to hear what Ms. Hinojosa said while appearing on A.M. Joy – hard-leftist Joy Ann Reid’s show on hard-left MSNBC (notice a trend here?).

Says Ms. Hinojosa:

“The government supports the Corporation for Public Broadcasting that supports public media, which is independent. Although oftentimes kind of bends over backward to show that they’re not too progressive, precisely because they don’t want to be caught on that charge.”

I’m trying to come up with a credible rationale for anyone to claim that NPR bends over backward to show that it is not too progressive.  And, since virtually everything NPR airs is left of center, I’m having a bit of trouble doing so.

This means one of three things:  Maria Hinojosa is an astonishingly obtuse person (which I don’t believe), someone who does not recognize leftward material when she hears it (I don’t believe that either) or someone who invents BS to try and convince people that NPR provides a level of neutrality which, in reality, is nonexistent (bingo).

I award Maria Hinojosa Quote Of The Day “honors” for making a statement so absurd that it gave me the pleasure of a good, spontaneous laugh.

Thanks, Maria.  I needed that.

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