Today’s quote comes to us from CNN show host Jake Tapper.

Here is Mr. Tapper’s description of yesterday’s raucous press conference – the one in which President Trump told off Jim Acosta…whose behavior resulted in the (presumably temporary) suspension of his White House press pass:

(President Trump) started out by doing a dance on the graves of Republicans who did not show him enough fealty.

“He danced on their graves. He said because they didn’t embrace him they lost, and he was flip about it. I’ve never seen a president take delight in people of his own party losing. And the only thing I can compare that to is some of the works of Francis Ford Coppola or Martin Scorsese.

“That’s how gangsters act—the idea you’re not loyal to them and, therefore, you deserve the punishment” 

Jake Tapper wins Quote Of The Day honors for, I am sad to say, making an all-too-accurate point about President Trump’s performance yesterday.

His self-promotion,  coupled with his taking credit for the gains Republicans made while simultaneously blaming losses on candidates not latching onto his self-proclaimed super-stardom, was Trump at his egomaniacal worst.

That said, however, Trump was far from the only problem in that press room.  Jim Acosta is a mega-jerk and got what he deserved.  Yes, Trump calling him rude was a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.  But that doesn’t mean he was wrong about Acosta (or about NBC’s smug White House Correspondent Peter Alexander).  Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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  • Jim Acosta ? ?
    Jim Acosta ? ?

    Oh yeah . . . . . .

    CNN’s iteration of
    Univision’s Jorge Ramos :

    Smug, Overbearing, Preening, Center-of-Attention Seeker, Obnoxious, Pig-Headed.

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