Today’s quote comes to us from CNN show host and, last night, election analyst, Jake Tapper.

This exchange between him and Wolf Blitzer explains how Mr. Tapper sees the Democrat Party taking over the house:

TAPPER:  “[Trump] just lost the House”.

BLITZER:  “But he did manage to hold onto the Senate”.

TAPPER:  “And mazel tov.  “But the bottom line is this is not a good night for President Trump. The Democrats have just retaken the House, and they’re going to have subpoena power, and they’re going to make his life a living hell. That’s the bottom line.”

In other words, now that Democrats will be running the house, Tapper tells us the key consequence will not be introducing alternative legislation/addressing governance of the country, presumably to make things better.  It will be attacking President Trump.

I award Jake Tapper Quote Of The Day honors for his candor in telling us what the Democrat agenda will be.

If he’s right – and I think he is – I don’t wish Democrats well in their agenda.  But I will be very interested to see how voters react next time around.

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