Today’s quote comes to us from julia ioffe.

julia ioffe is currently a commentator on CNN (her previous gig is mentioned further on).  She is also a major league hater of Donald Trump.

Yesterday, while part of a panel on “The Lead”, hosted by Jake Tapper, ioffe actually said the following:

 “This President has radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did…. ISIS had like 10,000 members. I think the President has far more supporters who espouse an equally hateful ideology that dehumanizes other people.” 

See, in the world of julia ioffe (and she is far from alone in what passes for mainstream media these days), President Trump has created a cadre of supporters – far more than 10,000 (how many, julia?  20,000?  50,000?  1000,000?  1,000,000? More than that?) who are equivalent to religiously fanatic mass murderers.

Evidently, this explains the slaughter of those 11 Jews in Pittsbur…..oh, wait, that murderer was a Trump hater too.   Isn’t that equivalent to you, julia?

In case you’re wondering where a sick moron like this came from, julia ioffe used to write for…and was summarily fired for suggesting, sarcastically, that Trump might be having sex with his daughter, Ivanka” – using the vulgar “f” word instead of “having sex”.

I award julia ioffe Quote Of The Day (dis)honors, for proving, again, what a sick, low-life hater she is…with a (dis)honorable mention to CNN for, knowing this, hiring her anyway so she could continue the Trump hate-fest.

And I award CNN a second (dis)honorable mention for having symone sanders, an overt racist, on the same panel with ioffe. I wonder how much lower CNN can go.

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  • Trump has created a cadre of supporters – far more than 10,000 (how many, julia?

    Wasn’t it close to 64 million supporters [voters]?

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