Today’s quote comes to us from an unlikely source.

The source is NBC reporter Jon Allen, and it is unlikely because he has a bad word to say about The Phantom Cherokee, Senator Elizabeth Warren.

During an interview on (decidedly leftward) Bill Press’s radio show, the subject of Ms. Warren’s “DNA test” came up.  And this is what Mr. Allen had to say:

“The people that are most offended by this are people who believe in affirmation action, because they’re like, ‘Elizabeth Warren didn’t need affirmative action.’ She perpetrated some level of fraud, and that hurts affirmative action.”

Jon Allen wins Quote Of The Day honors for pointing out something we have discussed several times in here, but most mainstream media, very much including his employer, NBC, either fail to realize or refuse to report:  namely, every time Elizabeth Warren got any benefit or any special consideration because of her 100% fraudulent claim to be “Native American”, an actual Native American was denied that benefit or special consideration.

This is a zero sum game.  If a university, say Harvard, is proactively looking for a Native American to fill, say, a professorship, and a phony-baloney non-Native American is hired, that’s one less real Native American with a professorship.

Elizabeth Warren is a shameful liar who built her career on a lie.  And I thank Jon Allen for not ducking the fact that she did.

Now, maybe he’d like to impart a bit of this wisdom to the folks at NBC News….if he still has a job there, that is.

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