Today’s quote comes to us from writer/commentator/Cable TV show host Ben Shapiro.  It concerns Senator Elizabeth Warren’s bald-faced lie that the DNA testing she had done proves she is of Native American ancestry (when, in fact, it shows that she probably has less “Native American” DNA than the average White person in the USA).

Now that so many among mainstream media have ignored the absurdity of this claim and glommed onto it as “proof” of her heritage, Mr. Shapiro – happy to conflate it with the gender claims Ms. Warren and others on the left make, had this to say:

“So the same media who say that two X chromosomes don’t make you a woman now say that a Native American ancestor 10 generations ago makes you Native American. Got it.”

Ben Shapiro wins Quote Of The Day honors for exposing the hypocrisy of this crowd so clearly, and so amusingly.

Too bad the media sycophants spouting Elizabeth’s palpably dishonest party line will ignore him.  I hope the general public is not as willing to be played.

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