Today’s quote – and it is a howler and a half – comes to us from Chrazy Chris Matthews who, like Chuck Schumer, has, over time, devolved from an intelligent purveyor of political beliefs to a ridiculous clown-college-quality reciter.

Here is Matthews’ comment, made after MSNBC televised the swearing in of Brett Kavanaugh:

“You know what I felt the last hour? What I think it would feel like if Trump gets re-elected. That sense of power, in your face power. Live with it. That’s what I saw what they just did. You know McConnell will do what he wants to do if they have the power to do it.  They use their power. They’re different than Democrats. Democrats enjoy ideas and values. Republicans like one thing, absolute power.”

Democrats enjoy ideas and values, Chris?  What, then, are the party’s ideas and values as we head for the home stretch of this year’s mid-term elections?

Maybe I’m just missing the extensive detailing of what Democrats would like to do to make the United States a better place to live.  Because all I keep hearing are variations of the Vinnie Gambini response, as applied to Donald Trump:  “Uh…everything that guy just said is bullshit”.

Like him or not, under Trump we have the lowest unemployment in a half-century (with all-time record low unemployment for Blacks, Latinos and women), fast-rising wages for workers, lower income taxes for almost all people at all income levels, a soaring GDP, and dramatically improved trade deals with Mexico, Canada and Europe.  This, of course, is before we get to the stoppage of kim jung-un’s missile testing and the opening of his dialogue with South Korea (the first since 1953), NATO members finally kicking in a more substantial percent of the money they are committed to pay for us to defend them, etc. etc. etc.

Which of those would you change, Chris?  Which ideas and values associated with those accomplishments offend you?

Chris Matthews wins Quote Of The Day “honors” for….well, for being Chrazy Chris.

He may not make much sense, but you can’t say he isn’t entertaining.

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  • What would the economy look like without the 600-700% increase in the federal funds interest rate???
    A rate held at a historical low for the previous president and raised at a historical pace for this one.

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