Today’s quote comes to us from a loudmouth, left wing idiot named joy behar, who regularly barfs out her verbal vomit as co-host of ABC’s weekday morning PC-a-thon, “The View”.

This, believe it or not, is what behar had to say, on Friday, about Republicans, after the christine blasey ford/Brett Kavanaugh testimony:

“They know that this country is getting darker. White Europeans are now 61% of the population — 61% are white caucasians. In 2045 it will be 49% so it’s going down. It’s almost like they’re worried that white people are going to lose all their power, so they don’t care if she’s lying or she’s not lying or he’s lying. They just want to hold onto their power.

“Pretty soon we’ll be like South Africa, apartheid, where 10% of the white people were running the country. It seems like the trajectory we’re on here…

…”These people are only interested in retaining white power in this country!” 

Got that?  This was a racial incident.  The fact that both parties are White?  Who cares.  RACISM!!!!.

I award joy behar Quote Of The Day “honors” for taking mindless raving to a new level…but one that I am confident she will find a way to get beneath in the near future.

Do people really pay attention to this unbelievably moronic, mind-rotting crap?  I guess they do.

God help them.

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