Today’s quote comes to us from President Trump.  It concerns New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s amazingly stupid jab at President Trump’s signature slogan that “We’re not gonna ‘Make America Great Again.’ It was never that great”

Says Mr. Trump:

“He recently stated the new slogan was ‘America was never great’. Now he was so angry at me. He truly hates me. He used to like me. Then I decided to run for office and he doesn’t like me too much,

“But Cuomo came out with that by mistake. He was so angered because make America great again. And he just said, ‘America’s never going to be great again.’ And that was it. He walks off and everyone was like, ‘What?’ And he was talking to socialists and they were going, ‘whoa! Whoa!’ Did anybody hear the end of that where the crowd was going ‘whoa!’

 “Somehow with that quote – instead of ‘Make America Great Again’ he’ll say – how would that look on a hat? ‘America Was Never Great!’”

President Trump wins Quote Of The Day honors for calling Cuomo out on that comment – which, I suspect, he thought would be taken as clever and ironic (if so, his political instincts need major recalibration)…

…and for making me spontaneously laugh out loud about his idea that Cuomo should put out an “America Was Never Great” hat (which, I would bet, will spur some left wing opportunist to quickly create one – and make a lot of money on. Maybe antifa street thugs can wear it above their face masks).

Sadly, in bluer-than-blue New York, Cuomo’s stupid comment probably won’t affect his re-election chances this year.

As for a possible 2020 presidential bid, though, you can bet the ranch voters are going to be reminded of it early and often.

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