Today’s quote comes to us from a source that, for reasons which escape me, is still extremely important within the Democrat Party – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

During her press conference on Thursday, Ms. Pelosi made this astonishing statement:

“We have a responsibility to protect our borders. All of our borders,” Mrs. Pelosi said. “Let’s make no mistake about that. Democrats have been strong on that point. All of our borders. In fact, I said to some of you before, when we had the 9/11 incident and the commission was formed — and they made their recommendations — they made recommendations to protect America, but the Republicans would never take them up. And some of it was about our borders. The Republicans would never take them up.”

I don’t know where to start.

Should it be where Ms. Pelosi tells us that Democrats, who are screaming about open borders and demanding the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), are strong on borders?

Or should it be where she calls 9/11 – the single most devastating terrorist attack in U.S. history – an “incident”?

Tell you what:  it’s no contest.  As untrue, as ridiculous, as that border comment is, the description of 9/11 as an “incident” far outweighs it.

Here’s a dose of reality for Nancy Pelosi.  An “incident” is when you argue with the waiter because the soup didn’t come out hot enough.  An “incident” is when two people start pushing each other around because one of them cut into a supermarket line.

A multi-state terrorist attack that killed almost 3,000 people is not an “incident”.  And someone who uses that word to describe it is either a hopeless imbecile, or someone who has lost any sense of logic, or a ridiculous career politician who would say anything, no matter how imbecilic or ridiculous, if she thought it would strike a blow against the dreaded opposition party.

Nancy Pelosi wins Quote Of The Day “honors” for forcing us to consider which of those three she is.

Personally, I put it about evenly between the second and third alternatives…

…and wonder again, as I have in other blogs, when the Democrat Party recognizes how debilitated Ms. Pelosi has become and, as softly/gently as possible, removes her as Minority Leader.

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  • To pelosi 9/11 was no big deal. A big deal would be if she lost an election. Once you realize where they are coming from it is easier to understand them.

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