Today’s quote comes to us from MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle.  It is in the form of a question she asked of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA):

“At this very moment the economy is a winning argument for this administration, for more than just President Trump’s base,.  Are Democrats making a mistake by putting forth candidates that label themselves Democratic Socialists or who hold anti-capitalist beliefs when at this moment — Americans feel like capitalism is working for them?”

Ms. Ruhle wins Quote Of The Day honors, because, although she meant it in terms of Democrat strategy, it talks to a real issue.

When did communism, as a movement, flourish most in this country?  During the Great Depression when the system in place was not working, and people – with good reason – sought other alternatives.

When does the current system (which, Ruhle’s comment aside, is far from pure capitalism) flourish?  When it is working well for the most people.

And with unemployment at or near all-time lows, GDP growth jumping upward, and lower taxes for the vast majority of workers, it clearly is working well for most people right now.

Politically speaking, I understand the concern that Ruhle and Ms. Warren have over this, though, since the better the economy is – especially if tied to the tax legislation which Trump proposed, Republicans passed and every Democrat without exception voted against – the better Republicans are likely to do in November’s midterm elections.

The sad reality is that – as I have pointed out in previous blogs – to do well,  Democrats need the economy to tank between now and then.

Whatever your party affiliation is, please join me in hoping that doesn’t happen.

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