Today’s quote comes to us from…..uh, tell you what:  let’s first see what it says, then we’ll talk about who it came from.

Here’s the quote:

“We’re also going to discuss one other specific issue of deep concern to me and to everybody here, and I think that’s the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.  This project has provoked a very heated debate on both sides of the Atlantic, and we are convinced would absolutely have an adverse impact on Ukraine, on Slovakia, and Eastern Europe. And we cannot lose sight of that.”

What you just read is an excellent, albeit partial, analysis of the consequences created by running a pipeline from Russia to Europe.

But who said it?

Can the source possibly be President Trump?

Well, the words themselves reflect what he might have said before the NATO conference, so maybe.  But, then again, it is far too immersed in “diplomacy-speak” to be Trump; he’d never put it that way.  So maybe it is a member of his staff, or….

….I could go on, but I won’t keep you in suspense anymore.

That quote did not come from this week’s NATO meetings, it came from a press conference held on May 4, 2016 – before President Trump was even the Republican nominee, let alone mPresident.

No, that quote came from a member of the Obama administration.  His name?  John Kerry.  The same John Kerry who, according to David Rutz’s article at, called President Trump’s virtually identical point “‘disgraceful,’ ‘destructive,’ and a threat to hard-won alliances”.

John Kerry, therefore, wins both Quote Of The Day honors for what he knew was the correct position in 2016, and Quote Of The Day dishonors for attacking the same position today, after it was also stated by President Trump.

Oh, and in case you are wondering if Kerry was alone in his 2016 opinion, here is what Vice President Joe Biden had to say about the Russian pipeline on August 25th of that year:

“Speaking for ourselves, speaking for the United States, Nord Stream 2 pipeline, we think, is a fundamentally bad deal for Europe.  From our perspective, it looks like a fairly bad deal … Europe needs diverse sources of gas, not, in our view, a new Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and to lock in greater reliance on Russia at this moment … I know will fundamentally destabilize Ukraine.”

“For the first time, gas from the United States is being used here in Europe.  And every country in Europe can now buy that American resource. That’s critical, because Europe needs diverse sources of gas, not new pipelines that lock in greater reliance on Russia. Russian gas can and should be part of the European market, but that market needs to be open and competitive.”

Yep.  Very well said.  But don’t expect Mr. Biden to repeat it now that Mr. Trump, instead of just saying it, is threatening to actually do something about it.

We can’t have that kind of honesty, can we?

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  • Trump just doesn’t understand modern day politics. You are supposed to say things diplomatically but that is supposed to be the end of it. You aren’t supposed to actually do anything you said.

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