Today’s quote comes to us from Democrat Strategist and long-time Barack Obama confidant, David Axelrod.

Mr. Axelrod, certainly no fan of Republicans in general or of Donald Trump in particular, has weighed in on the aggressive, often ugly harassing of Republicans by so-called “progressives”.

His advice?

“Disgusted with this admin’s policies? Organize, donate, volunteer, VOTE! Rousting Cabinet members from restaurants is an empty and, ultimately, counter-productive gesture that won’t change a thing,”

David Axelrod wins Quote Of The Day honors for offering what, it seems to me, is an eminently intelligent course of action.  One that might help his party.

Too bad for him and the party that the people it is aimed at are very likely to ignore his words.

Look at the contrast between Axelrod Democrat leadership.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have – albeit belatedly and grudgingly – also come out against these tactics.  But they essentially blame the thuggish actions of their supporters on Donald Trump.  That not only devolves their claimed opposition to such tactics into little more than political drivel, but actually encourages these thugs to continue their behavior (“Hey, we’re just getting even, right?  Ask Chuck and Nancy”.)

Mr. Axelrod, whatever he may think of Donald Trump, is smart enough not to do this.  What happened to Kirstjen Neilson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Pam Biondi and others this past week deserves to be condemned.  By itself.  Separate from other political considerations.

Democrats are lucky to have someone like David Axelrod advising them.  Too bad some of their most visible spokespeople (maxine waters immediately comes to mind), and their pals on the far left – the ones Democrats have become increasingly interchangeable with over recent years – are unlikely to be listening.

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