Today’s quote comes to us from Rob Reiner, an actor/director who continues to think his celebrity status in the entertainment world translates into voters giving a damn about his political opinions – which are unfailingly leftward, of course.

Reiner, with several other “celebrities”, traveled to Texas.

Speaking in front of demonstrators at the Marcelino Serna Port of Entry in Tornillo, Texas – which, according to Daniel Borunda’s article for the El Paso Times, included “a diverse crowd of several hundred” (guaranteed to fill the stands to overflowing at any little league game) – Reiner had this to say about President Trump:

“He is stoking racism. He is hoping that the racists who support him will come out in November, but we’ve got news for him: We’re gonna come out in November, we’re all gonna be there, and we’re gonna stop this inhumane, disgraceful policy. We need you all to mobilize, we need you all to register and we need that blue wave, we need you to vote. Get out, get out, get out and vote!”

Well, that just about wraps things up.  Might as well call off the elections and unilaterally declare Democrats the winners.

Feel free to wipe the sarcasm off your monitor any time you care to.

Rob Reiner wins Quote Of The Day Honors for showing us what an astonishing level of self-importance he has – a super-inflated view that is in no way uncommon to so many of his Hollywood pals.

One other thing:  I’ll just bet that, in 2016, Reiner made similar speeches, before even larger audiences, on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

Tell us, Rob:  how’d that work out?

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