The quote of the day

Today’s quote comes to us from Sean Hannity.

It concerns the increasingly desperate robert mueller’s latest demand that witnesses involved with the charges brought against Paul Manafort – all of which concern activities from years before the 2016 election, thus have exactly nothing nothing to do with what mueller is supposed to be investigating – now must give him their cell phones so they can be scrutinized.

Here is Hannity’s advice (es hich he then acknowledged as being sarcastic rather than serious:

“Maybe Mueller’s witnesses, I don’t know, If I advised them to follow Hillary Clinton’s lead, delete all your emails and then acid-wash your emails and hard drives on the phones, then take your phones and bash them with a hammer to little itsy bitsy pieces, use BleachBit, remove the sim cards and then take the pieces and hand them over to Robert Mueller, and say, Hillary Rodham Clinton, this is equal justice under the law.”

I award Sesn Hannity Quote Of The Day honors for bringing across the arrogant, illegal actions of Hillary Clinton with ultra-vivid clarity…and doing so in a way that forces every media venue reporting his comment to explain Clinton’s relevance to what he said (which probably means many, maybe most, will bury it.)

Good for you, Hannity.  It’s damn well about time at least some of the public. Beyond your viewers/listeners knew.

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