Today’s quote comes to us from the flyweight (in my opinion) host of NBC’s “Meet The Press”, Chuck Todd.

Here is what Todd had to say about the NFL’s recently enacted rule making it unacceptable for players to kneel during playing of the National Anthem (they can stay in the locker room if they choose to):

“The NFL made a decision — now, it has to do with the anthem, but it splits across racial lines,” Todd said. “They picked the white consumer over the black consumer.”

Unbelievable?   Not if you understand how much of a flyweight Chuck Todd actually is.

Let’s start with the fact that Todd turned this into a racial issue at all.  For what he said to be true, all Whites must support the NFL ban and all Blacks must oppose it.

Does anyone in his or her right mind think that all Whites support making kneeling during the anthem illegal or that all Blacks think it’s a great idea to do so?  That is, literally, intellectual apartheid.

Next, let’s consider the fact  that, using Chuck Todd’s “logic”, this decision is inherently racial no matter what the NFL does:  if the ban on kneeling sides with White consumers, then it follows that allowing kneeling sides with Black consumers. Using Todd’s “logic”, therefore, the NFL is racist either way.

So his problem is not racism at all.  That’s just fine.  His problem is what skin color the racism is being perpetrated against.

I award Chuck Todd Quote Of The Day “honors” for showing a) what a flyweight thinks, and b) how stupid a discussion can be when “analyzed” by one.

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