Today’s quote comes to us from Nick Confessore, a writer for the New York Times.

Mr. Confessore, while on today’s “Morning Joe” show, told co-hosts (and soon to be married) Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski that michelle wolf’s disgusting attack on Sarah Huckabee Sanders – comparing her to the Aunt Lydia character on “A Handmaid’s Tale” was not a reference to her looks.

Said Confessore:

“Mika, actually the joke was about lying and not her looks. I think the reference to Aunt Lydia was a reference to the character on that show. That’s my opinion.”

Wow, what a great disclaimer that was.

See, it’s not that wolf was attacking Ms. Sanders’ looks, she was just calling Ms. Sanders a liar.  While she was sitting on the dais, just a few feet from wolf at the time.

Please be aware that, for Confessore to say this, I assume he must be either as dumb as a rock, or a partisan hack making excuses for a Trump-hater he probably agrees with.  Even the anti-Trump Scarborough and Brzezinski were not buying that BS.

But what I am buying is Brzezinski’s no-doubt rueful observation that “This was a win for Trump.  So if you didn’t want this to be a win for Trump, you gave him one, in a big way”.

That’s right, Mika.  The overt Trump hatred media have made absolutely no secret of from day one, is boomeranging now…as, I suspect, it did during the 2016 campaign when it probably contributed to his presidential victory.

I award Nick Confessore Quote Of The Day “honors”, for making his contribution to this situation so clear.

Let me end by showing you a picture of the Aunt Lydia character:

Ann Dowd plays Aunt Lydia on "A Handmaid's Tale."

What a lovely comparison.  I’m sure that the people around michelle wolf – and Nick Confessore – got a big horselaugh out of it.

A note to them:  forgetting for a moment what a sickening insult that is to Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who – though it isn’t important here – is not at all unattractive), I would rather look like Aunt Lydia than think like either of you two.

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