Today’s quote comes to us from randa jarrar, the Fresno State professor who “distinguished” herself earlier this week by viciously, profanely, insulting Barbara Bush, and her family, in the most personal way she could come up with.

Fresno State will not fire jarrar over this, because, after all, she has tenure.

Fair enough.  Having tenure, evidently, means you can be as disgusting as you want to be.  What it says about a school that would give someone like this tenure is another story.

But since we are talking about what should or shouldn’t reflect on Fresno State’s tenured professor, I thought you might want to be aware of something jarrar said almost a year and a half ago, at a “book event” (thoroughly bizarre, desperately trying to be as non-mainstream as possible, and attended, from the sound of the audience, by a couple of dozen people).

Apart from the fact that jarrar cannot put two sentences together without a torrent of bad language, she also is an advocate for violence and arson against someone she does not agree with.

Doubt me?  Here is her verbatim commentary about what she would like done to a political opponent…which also didn’t get her fired:

“I don’t give a fuck, I’m buying guns.  Like I’m an American, I’m buying guns.  Y’know the other side is like doing some stupid shit, I’m going to do some stupid shit.  I’m tired of like being the bigger person (I) literally am, usually, but like I’m also just tired of the left being fucking stupid and being, like “no we have to like be like gentle, we have to be uh” no, don’t be fucking gentle.  This dude who like published Spencer’s address and got fired….that person should not have lost his job.  Like why is Spencer’s house still standing? I don’t understand.  Like it needs to be fucking broken into, people need to fucking throw grenades into it, I don’t give a fuck”.

Lovely.  How professorial (at least if you teach at Fresno State).

If you want to hear what you just read with your own ears, click here and go to about 1:03:02

And if that’s not enough for you, at another point in this wonderfully uplifting event, at 48:40, she says:

“I had my kid when I was 18. I never thought in a million years that I’d be a shitty parent. But sometimes I’m a fucking shitty parent, and sometimes I’m a fucking awesome parent, y’know, and sometimes I just say that ‘I can’t fucking stand the white heteropatriachy,’ and then sometimes I’m sucking a white dick.”

And there is plenty more on the video just like it.

So tell me:  would you be thrilled to have randa jarrar teaching your child if he/she were a student at Fresno State University? Would you consider your tuition money well spent?

I award randa jarrar Quote Of The Day “honors” for showing us that her pigsty mouth did not come into being upon the death of Barbara Bush, it was there long before.  And tolerated by Fresno State University long before as well.

As if we wouldn’t have suspected….


  • In Fresno States comment they said Tenure won’t protect her from being fired. That it just means they have to go through the union and show cause. Let’s hope they all do the right thing here and fire her before she corrupts any more young minds.

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