Today’s quote comes to us from mahmoud abbas, unelected* president of the Palestinian Authority and – it is ludicrously claimed by our mainstream media, a Middle East “moderate” .

This year, the Trump administration pushed through the “Taylor Force Act” (TFA).  It specifically bans abbas and his pals from providing monetary rewards to Palestinian Arabs who commit acts of terrorism against Israeli civilians.

Before continuing, let me point out that this has been going on for years and years.  But no President – certainly not the previous one – did a damn thing about it.  The hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars flooding into abbas’ coffers just kept coming.  But TFA says that if this continues, U.S. money to abbas gets cut off

Here is mahmoud abbas’ reaction to this law – which was stated while it was being deliberated in congress (and while, I suspect, abbas – based on our do-nothing policy all these years – thought it would never pass):

“There is something that the Americans are telling us to stop—the salaries of the martyrs and the martyrs’ families.  Of course we categorically reject this. We will not under any circumstances allow anyone to harm the families of the prisoners, the wounded, and the martyrs. They are our children and they are our families. They honor us, and we will continue to pay them before the living.”

Well, there you have it.  The answer to TFA, from “moderate” mahmoud abbas.  Don’t tell us not to reward the families of people who blow up buses, or drive trucks into crowds.  They honor us.

Now, it is my fervent hope, President Trump and this administration will reciprocate by “honoring” the PA with a partial or (my preference) complete cutoff of all funds.  Not only is it the right thing to do, but, hey, where has all that money gone anyway?  Abbas’s people’s lives are not any better than they were before, but I’d bet anything his personal bank account is.

In other words, aid-wise, skip the bris and go straight to the castration.

Let’s remember that yasir arafat, who we, and the rest of the world, also handed tons of money to, didn’t do a thing for his people either…but died a billionaire.  Would it surprise you if the same is true of abbas?

I award mahmoud abbas Quote Of The Day (dis)honors for making clear that he still thinks the United States will subsidize his payoffs to cowardly terrorists.

Now, President Trump:  what are you going to do about it?


* abbas was elected as President of the Palestinian Authority in 2005,  His elected term of office ended in 2009.  But he’s still president now.

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