Today’s quote comes to us from Broward County, Florida’s sheriff, scott israel.

Before posting what this impossibly poor excuse for a professional lawman said, let me show you the following excerpt from Jack Crowe’s article at

Internal radio-dispatch recordings released Thursday contradict the narrative advanced by the Broward County sheriff’s deputy who sheltered in place rather than trying to stop the massacre occurring inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Despite his public insistence to the contrary, the newly released recordings reveal that (deputy scot) Peterson knew exactly where the shooting was taking place and instructed his fellow deputies to stay away from the building.

“Be advised we have possible, could be firecrackers. I think we have shots fired, possible shots fired — 1200 building,” Peterson radioed at 2:23 p.m., just four minutes after shooter Nikolas Cruz opened fire. 

Peterson then made his way to the Southeast corner of the 1200 building, where the attack was taking place, and remained there until the shooting was over.

“We’re talking about the 1200 building, it’s going to be the building off Holmberg Road,” Peterson said seconds after arriving outside the building. “Get the school locked down, gentlemen.”

This sickening display of non-professionalism and personal cowardice resulted in mass murderer nikolas cruz killing 17 innocent high school students and injuring 16 more, some horrifically.

And who was responsible for scot peterson, along with the other three deputies who saved their own asses and stood by as the carnage took place?  scott israel, that’s who.

A sheriff with even the slightest integrity would have apologized every way he could think of for hiring and training these people, and would immediately have offered his resignation as sheriff (which should immediately have been accepted).

But that is not what happened.  Here is what scott israel said about scot peterson’s performance during the Parkland massacre:

“Leaders are responsible for the agency, but leaders are not responsible for a person.  I gave [peterson] a gun. I gave him a badge. I gave him the training. If he didn’t have the heart to go in, that’s not my responsibility.”

Not your responsibility?  You gave him a gun, a badge, and trained him, but it’s not your responsibility?

Is it also not your responsibility that you did nothing about nikolas cruz during the dozens – DOZENS – of times your people were called to his home over the years?  That you weren’t vigililantly monitoring this sick bastard, who did everything short of putting an ad in the local newspaper to tell you he was intending to commit violence against others?

I award scott israel Quote Of The Day “Honors” for being about the poorest excuse for a lawman I have ever come across:  arrogant, unrepentant and completely unwilling to take even the slightest responsibility for what happens under his authority.

It is nothing short of astounding that, to this moment, he has not been forced out of his job as sheriff.

A question to the people of Broward:  what will you say if this repeats itself?  What will you say if another murderous lunatic heads for one of your schools, starts shooting, and the same deputies hired and “trained” by the same sheriff, perform the same way?  Who will you blame then?

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

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