Today’s quote comes to us from Ali Velshi, the hard-left show host at (surprise, surprise) MSNBC.

Speaking of President Trump’s just-completed speech to CPAC, Mr. Velshi informed his viewers as follows:

 “Okay. A sprawling, truly sprawling, meandering speech by the President. The likes of which — I was saying to Stephanie —  I’m used to having heard from Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro or Erdogan. President Putin gives something like this every year, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used to give speeches like this. By our executive producer’s conservative count, he touched on 31 at least 31 different topics in the speech. None of which were Russia, by the way. Russia didn’t come up. “

Nice.  And that was just the opening salvo.

I award Ali Velshi Quote Of The Day “Honors” for proving that a bitter, vindictive jerkism is alive, well, and remains perfectly acceptable at MSNBC…

…as if we didn’t already know.

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