Today’s quote comes to us from long-time Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, one of a dwindling segment of Democrats who are not owned and operated by the people he is basing his quote on.

Here is what Mr. Dershowitz has to say about which group now poses the greatest threat to America:

“There’s no question. My biggest enemies are the hard left.” The far left poses a far greater danger to the American future than the hard right.”

“I’m not worried about a few dozen people with swastikas who want to replace the Jews, because they’re our past.  They have no resonance on university campuses today.

“But the hard, hard left? Anti-Semitism, anti-Christianity, intolerance for speech. It’s the future. These are our leaders.

“When I used to teach 150 students in my first year of criminal law, I’d look around and I’d say, ‘Future president. Future chief justice. Future editorial director of the New York Times. Future managing partner of Goldman Sachs. They’re our future. And that’s why we have to worry much more about what’s going on on university campuses than in Charlottesville.”

I award Professor Alan dershowitz Quote Of The Day honors, for having the courage it takes, these days, to go public with these empirically obvious truisms.

Thank you, sir.

Now, you can expect to be reviled by the people, both in academia and media, who need to hear these facts most.


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