Today’s quote comes to us from MSNBC’s POPPA* supreme, Joy Ann Reid.  During an angry exchange with Pastor Mark Burns, she demanded that he answer this question about the prospect of illegal aliens being sent back to Haiti:

“How can you, as a man of God, justify sending people back to such a country?  If the country is so broken, then how can you, as a man of God, justify sending people back to that country?”

“So broken”?  I thought the Clinton Foundation rebuilt Haiti and made it all better (not a word about that debacle, of course.  It would reflect badly on you-know-who).

Is it my imagination, or is what Ms. said a sanitized version of “it’s a shithole”?

Ms. Reid’s description of Haiti, it seems to me, is right up (down?) there with the comment of CNN’s Sally Kohn, about El Salvador:

 ‪”Trump is kicking 200,000 Salvadorans out of the United States and forcing them back to a gang violence-ravaged and impoverished disaster zone.”

I award Joy Ann Reid Quote Of The Day “honors” (with an “honorable” mention to Sally Kohn) for saying, in a more genteel manner, what President Trump is accused of saying.

But don’t count on mainstream media noting the similarity.  That’s not going to happen.

No, they’re not going to point out the conundrum faced by the Reids and the Kohns of the world – that to justify the presence of illegals from places like Haiti and El Salvador on the grounds that sending them back is consigning them to a living hell, is to make the same point President Trump made.


*POPPA is my acronym for Professionally Oppressed, Perpetually Pissed Off.

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