Today’s quote comes to us from Hal Boedeker, of the Orlando Sentinel.

During yesterday’s edition of Meet The Press, Chuck Todd asked this question:

“All right, let’s start with a simple question. We were here last year. There was a lot of optimism here that the media’s reputation would improve. (Takes a breath) Okay. I’m going to start with the most outsider of everybody at this group. Hal, has the media’s reputation improved as far as the people in Orlando are concerned?”

And here is how Hal Boedeker answered it:

“Well, I think most people in Orlando would probably say ‘no,’ but you’re just repeating certain things. If you say the Washington Post or the New York Times, I don’t think most people in Orlando read those newspapers, so you’re regurgitating what somebody else thinks. As somebody who observes these things, I think the reputation of the press has gone way up.”

Am I the only one struggling with that?

To summarize, Boedeker, in answer to Todd’s question regarding how Orlando citizens feel about media, says that…

…most Orlando citizens don’t think any more of media now than they did last year, but most people in Orlando do not read either the New York Times or Washington Post (???) and, in any event, despite what Orlando’s citizens think – which is all Todd asked about – he thinks the reputation of the press has gone way up….though he just said that Orlando people do not feel this way and Todd didn’t ask his personal opinion.

Huh? Wha?

I award Hal Boedeker Quote Of The Day honors for reminding us that the word “gibberish” really does have an honored place in the english language.

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