Today’s quote comes to us from lawyer , conservative commentator – and no fan of Donald Trump at all – Mark Levin:

Here is what Mr. Levin has to say about Robert Mueller’s investigation:

“[Special counsel Robert] Mueller’s investigation is a Mickey Mouse investigation, and he proved it yet again today, what a joke it is.  Has anybody been indicted for colluding to affect the outcome of the election?…There’s nothing criminal, there’s nothing illegal for an incoming administration to speak to other governments…It would be bizarre if such contacts weren’t made.

“Of course, CNN right out of the box tried to confuse you because they didn’t make it clear the timeline, what Flynn was alleged to have done, has confessed to have done, has nothing to do with the election. It didn’t even happen during the course of the election!

“This so far is a crap investigation, with crap outcomes. [Mueller] was appointed, at least theoretically, to find collusion. Did he find collusion? He was appointed to find collusion related to what … to the election! This is post-election! And it’s not even collusion!” 

Mark Levin wins Quote Of The Day honors because he is 100% correct about this ridiculous, tainted, stacked-deck “investigation”.

And – here is the most infuriating part – he is saying nothing that every other person in media either knows as well as he does, or should know.

In other words, the Mueller “investigation” resides at the intersection of media bias and fake news.  Right in the middle of the street.

Yes, Mr. Levin, it is crap.  And it is also an indelible stain on what little is left of media credibility.

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