Today’s quote comes to us from Lawrence O’Donnell, the hard left host of “The Last Word”, on (where else?) MSNBC.

Mr. O’Donnell is perfectly comfortable acknowledging that he has not devoted so much as one second to the trial of Robert Menendez (D-NJ), who stands accused of a multitude of corruption and graft charges.

Mr. O’Donnell’s reason (so help me, I am not making this up), is as follows:

“If we had anyone else in the White House, if we had any other president in the White House, any other of the Republicans that were running for president, never mind, have Hillary Clinton as president, the Menendez trial would be a very big item in all of our coverage. 

“But this is what Donald Trump has done to coverage; the trying to keep up with everything the president is generating on a given day is just overwhelming. Now you have a special prosecutor and that is more important case than the Menendez case.

“If it not were for the special prosecutor’s investigation and the congressional investigations and the Trump presidency, “Menendez coverage would be much higher.”

In other words, O’Donnell has not covered the corruption trial of a sitting senator because, for the past months, he has been too busy covering Donald Trump.

I don’t watch “The Last Word”, so I can’t say for 100% certain.  But I would bet body parts he has covered a bunch of stories other than Donald Trump over this time…and I would bet those same body parts that some of those stories were less significant than a United States Senator’s corruption trial.

Lawrence O’Donnell wins Quote Of The Day “honors”, therefore, for making an excuse for ducking the Menendez Trial that is so absurd, so half-baked, even some of his cohorts at MSNBC (Joy Reid comes to mind) who utilize those, er, attributes as a matter of course, must be baking (OK, half-baking) with envy.

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  • I wouldn’t bet that much. I can actually imagine him spending the whole 40 mins. a day bashing Trump and his administration.

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