Today’s quote comes to us from Joy-Ann Reid, a hard-left POPPA (Professionally Oppressed, Perpetually Pissed Off) who hosts a show on (where else?) MSNBC.

The latest outrage for Ms. Reid is that finally, after a mountain of evidence has been uncovered, a few mainstream media venues (though not the network news shows yet) are finally reporting that Hillary Clinton’s campaign used a foreign national and Russian-supplied information to influence last year’s presidential campaign – exactly what Donald Trump’s campaign was accused of.

Here is what she has to say about it:

“Hillary Clinton is not a political adversary. She is a pure civilian. She is a grandma who writes books and is on a book tour.

So essentially you have Devin Nunes who is the powerful chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, attempting to use his power to go after a pure civilian simply to try to deflect from an investigation that involves the president.”

Translation:  Hillary Clinton was first lady, a US Senator, Secretary of State and the Democrat presidential candidate, whose campaign bought and paid for a dossier, compiled by by a British national and sourced entirely or mostly by Russian nationals, to take out Donald Trump and win the Presidency.  She also OKed a “deal” that handed control of about 20% of the United States uranium assets to Putin’s Russia, while reaping tens of millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation and generating a half-million dollar payday for Hubby Bubba’s 20 minute speech about who knows what and who cares, to Russian interests.

But….none of this counts.  See, she’s just a grandma who writes books.

Joy-Ann Reid wins Quote Of The Day “honors” for voicing an opinion so asinine, it makes most of the other asinine things she has said in the past pale by comparison.

Something that hard to do deserves recognition.

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