Today’s quote comes to us from Hillary Clinton, via an adoring New York Magazine article (would they have any other emotion toward her?)

Speaking of car primary rival, Bernie Sanders, and President Donald Trumpn Miss Clinton said:

“I beat them both”

This leads me to wonder whether she has gone off the deep end, or just thinks we are so stupid that we will mindlessly accept this without questioning her.

Here’s the news Ms Clinton: you “beat” Bernie Sanders only because, through the efforts of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC, the deck was stacked so heavily in your favor against him that you couldn’t lose if you tried.  Even then, Sanders won 23 primaries over you. You were as awful a primary candidate as you were a general election candidate.

And, no, you did not beat Donald Trump. Donald Trump be you. The fact that you got more of the popular vote – which neither you nor Mr. Trump even tried to win – was 100% meaningless.  You lost in an electoral landslide to a man virtually no one thought could win against anybody.

Those are the facts Miss Clinton, and you win Quote Of The Day honors for either being completely oblivious to them, or so arrogant or so used to being declared correct no matter what you say by an ever-adoring media, that facts don’t matter to you anymore.

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