Today’s quote, which is about the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email machinations, comes to us from….

….well, let me show you the quote first, and then we’ll talk about who said it and why.

Here it is:

“It’s an FBI investigation, and we want to let it go through without politicizing it and then we’ll find what the situation is. That’s how we still feel. I mean, it would be nice if the FBI moved it along.”

Now who would have said such a thing?  Donald Trump?  Ted Cruz?  John Kasich?  All of the above?

Uh…nope, nope, nope and nope.

That quote is from Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie.

Any chance of Sanders winning the nomination by primary vote has disappeared.  His only shot, therefore, is that Hillary Clinton drops out.

Barring some currently unforeseen situation, the only two ways this happens are:

-health reasons;

-an indictment, in which she faces serious criminal charges

Little wonder, then, that Ms. Sanders would like the FBI to haul butt and do something…before the convention, of course.

Jane Sanders wins Quote Of The Day honors for saying something that is logical, reasonable….and exactly what every Republican candidate is probably thinking (with the possible exception of Donald Trump, who might actually look forward to getting her in a debate).

Politics really does make strange bedfellows, doesn’t it?

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