Ken Berwitz

Today\’s quote comes to us from Chris Rock, who not only was riotously funny as MC of the Oscars last night (click here for the video), but made one great point after another…with no one on any side spared.

This was my single favorite – Mr. Rock describing his photo-op with President Obama at a Hollywood campaign rally:

“So, at some point you get to take a picture with the President, and, you know as they\’re setting up the picture you get a littlemoment with the President.

“I\’m like, \’Mr. President, you see all these writers andproducers and actors? They don\’t hire Black people, and they\’re the nicest, White people on earth! They\’re liberals! Cheese!\’

“That\’s right. Is Hollywood racist? You\’re damn rightHollywood is racist.”

And my enjoyment of that comment was compounded in multiples by the dutiful applause from an audience filled with exactly the people Mr. Rock was talking about.  What amazingly obtuse hypocrites they are.

Chris Rock wins Quote Of The Day honors for saying something that should have been said about Hollywood\’s sanctimonious hypocrites, but rarely is.  And he also wins for proving that, while he is hilariously funny in concert, where he uses a ton of profanity, he is every bit as funny in a venue where he doesn\’t use any at all.  

Is Chris Rock talented, smart and insightful?  You\’re damn right he\’s talented, smart and insightful.

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