Today\’s quote comes to us from Jon Stewart, the enormously successful host of Comedy Central\’s Daily Show. 

I suppose it is part of Stewart\’s success that he can act like a complete dork, but do it in a way that will amuse millennials and keep his ratings high.  But I can\’t say he has ever appealed to me. 

Maybe it is because, as Baltimore rages, he would make a comment like this:

“If we are spending $1 trillion to rebuild Afghanistan\’s schools, we can\’t, you know, put a little taste Baltimore\’s way. It\’s crazy.”

For the record, aside from its potential to flame Baltimore even further, Stewart doesn\’t know what he\’s talking about.

As the Washington Post\’s Glenn Kessler – a lifelong Democrat and, by his own admission, a “huge fan of The Daily Show”. the total amount of aid to Aghanistan since 2002 – for all purposes, not education – is $104 billion dollars.   The money allotted to Afghanistan for education, including higher education, totaled $128.6 million in 2012 and $115.1 in 2013.  That\’s for the entire country.

By contrast, Baltimore got $184.8 million from the federal government in 2012 and $169.3 million in 2013.

And, as Kessler continues…

The contrast was even greater in 2011: $95 million for Afghanistan schools and $265 million for Baltimore schools. That\’s because the 2009 stimulus bill bolstered funding for schools for several years.

Moreover, in the period the United States spent $104 billion overall on Afghanistan, the United States funneled about $400 billion to cities and states just for elementary and secondary education.

I award Jon Stewart Quote Of The Day honors for outdoing himself in the “I will sneer out a load of BS to keep those ratings high, and who cares if it infuriates people on the street and causes further damage” department.

Congratulations, Jon.  Any wise-ass comments you\’d like to make about Ferguson?  They\’re on the streets there too, so maybe you can incite them enough to get a few more buildings burned down there, to go with the ones in Baltimore.

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