Today\’s quote come to us from that prolific purveyor of quotable material, Vice President Joe Biden.

While speaking at a Democrat-only event in Philadelphia, here is what Mr. Biden had to say about the performance of the Obama administration.

“Tostate the obvious, the past six years have been really, really hardfor this country.  Andthey\’ve been really tough for our party…we made some really, really tough decisions — decisions that weren\’tat all popular, hard to explain”

Did he really say that…you might ask, incredulously? 

Well, yep.  He did.  And here\’s the video to prove it:

Did Vice President Biden think this wouldn\’t get out?  That no one but his fellow Democrats would hear those words? 

 Beats the hell out of me…who knows what goes on in the mind of Joe Biden?

In any event, I award him Quote Of The Day honors, for showing, again, why, if Hillary winds up not running, Republicans would be licking their chops at Biden taking her place on the ticket.

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